bodi-silva - omylab studio
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BodíSilva Project

Branding & Editorial

Typography and Color
Bauer Bodoni Black
Bauer Bodoni Roman
Hex: #FCD806
Hex: #222

Graphic Design: O!MYLAB
Photography: Francis Bodi

Graphic Design: O!MYLAB
Photography: Francis Bodi

Some words

“Working with Luciana has always been a priority. She is an excellent professional with many and diverse knowledge but if she had to highlight something in her, it would be her empathy and humanity. Luciana makes each task a personal project. He gets involved until he makes his own trying to understand every detail to give an optimal and exciting result. I could not be happier to have crossed paths with her. I would say that Luciana works with “soul”. “


Francis Bodí
Co-founder BodiSilva Project