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Alexander Daniels Global

Graphic Design & Web Development

Hex: #D7E9E7
Hex: #87B258
Hex: #3A535B
Hex: #161616
Hex: #686868

The concept

The main concept is the visual and minimalist design to show the dinamic job, human work and profesional experience in the recruitment for additive and advanced manufacturing in 3D technology.

Some words..

“Alexander Daniels Global is a recruitment company specialized in the 3D printing industry. Alexander Daniels Global needed to relaunch their website to accommodate growth and thus new services offered. Our new website required integration with a new CRM tool and several other new initiatives that Luciana had previously not worked with. Luciana was very proactive in contacting the CRM provider and making sure that it was integrated on our website seamlessly. Luciana took the process in her hands and has been very collaborative and responsive throughout the whole process. Luciana has been very efficient and accommodating in developing our website, taking into account our special needs. I would highly recommend her!”


Signe Damgaard Jensen
Social Media and Marketing Executive

Visit the website: