inclusive innovation - omylab studio
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Inclusive Innovation

Art Direction, Graphic Design & Web Development

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Idea & Development

Inclusive Innovation is an organization focused in including people who are usually excluded from the process of innovation. That means supporting projects that will directly impact people in resource poor communities.

We worked in a new concept including illustration and animation of the visual content to reflect the humanity and clear aspect of the organization.

Graphic and Web Design: O!MYLAB
Illustraionn & Animaction: Remi Cans

Some words

“Luciana was extremely agile and accommodating as we put our web-site together. She had the patience to work around my schedule — I travel a lot, I’m always too busy — and was extremely responsive. If I liked something, she did more of it. If I didn’t like something, she came up with other solutions. Her flexibility and creativity made our web-site one that people compliment me on all the time.”

Maggie Dugan
Founder Inclusive Innovation

Visit the website: