medialog - omylab studio
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Art Direction, Graphic Design & Web Development

Pantone: 165C
Pantone: 226C
Pantone: 312C

Idea, Concept and Design

Medialog’s challenge as a media agency is creating network of professionals to cover all types of solutions. They want to create and innovate in a family working group as their main philosophy and so do we!

We created this responsive and minmailist website, using another of its remarkable features – its lively colors and clarity in content and design.

Photography: Francis Bodi

Some words

“With Omylab, we solved 3 priorities: functionality, design and flexibility. We needed a strong website with a simple architecture, easily updated by us and, above all, with a design that would make us our own. This was the order and it was developed; totally recommendable. ”


Philipp Fürst
Director CEO Medialog Barcelona

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